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Established in 1996, Singapore UPI Co Pte Ltd  specializes in the supply and installation of premium Burmese Teak flooring in Singapore and distribution to the European market.

Our exclusive arrangement with the Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE), the state-owned agency responsible for the extraction of teak in Myanmar, helps us ensure that only the highest grade of teak scantiling reaches our factory in Yangon.

UPI uses only teak which are of straight or veiny grains that are free from defects like beeholes, sapwood and unsound knots. In addition, we kiln-dried our flooring to below 12% moisture level to ensure that your floor will not warp or shrink, a process local suppliers tend to ignore to save cost.

We pre-select the colour tone of our Burmese Teak in our Yangon factory before actual installation to ensure even tonality. You can choose from light, medium & dark to realize your dream home.

We pride ourselves as the only timber flooring company in Singapore that specializes only in Burmese Teak and no other wood species.


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