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Q:  What is the difference between laminate flooring and Burmese Teak flooring?
A:  Laminate flooring is compressed wood whereas teak is solid wood which you can re-sand.
Q: Is the flooring scratch free?
A: No, but with present varnishing technology the floor is not easily scratched unless with pointed object.
Q: What is the difference between parquet and long-strip flooring?
A: Parquet refers to any wood with less than one feet in length. For long-strip it usually refers to two feet to four feet length.
Q: How do I ensure I get Burmese Teak? Any guarantee after installation?

At UPI we only do Burmese Teak flooring which is directly from our own factory in Yangon. We provide one year guarantee for any defects arising from inefficient workmanship.


How to maintain the floor?

A: Normal mopping and cleaning.
Q: What is difference between local supplied and UPI Burmese Teak?
A: As in all natural wood, there are different grades of timber which will affect the quality of your timber flooring. At UPI we kiln-dried our flooring whereas local suppliers use only air-dried ones.
Q: Why do I need the wood to be kiln-dried?
A: In our opinion, proper kilning is vital. Kiln drying, as opposed to air drying is more reliable and precise because the drying temperature can be controlled.
You take a risk unnecessarily if you use timber described as air-dried and assume you can simply accilimatise it by leaving it on site for a few weeks.
Q: Any termites problem?

Being higher in density and heavier than most woods, it has a rich oil content that serves as a natural preservative and is repellent to termites, insects and fungus.



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